The Best Luxury Cars of 2023: The Epitome of Automotive Excellence 

As we step into 2024, the world of luxury cars is brimming with excitement and anticipation. The automotive industry, known for its relentless pursuit of excellence, continues to push the boundaries of design, performance, and technology. In this comprehensive blog post, we dive into the realm of opulence and sophistication, exploring the latest models and features that define the best luxury cars of 2023. 


The Shifting Landscape of Luxury Cars 

In a landscape where big, traditional luxury sedans face challenges from the surging popularity of SUVs and the emergence of electric competitors, one thing remains constant – the pursuit of automotive perfection. According to a recent blog post from Forbes, traditional luxury sedans may not be as dominant in the U.S. market as they once were, but they still hold immense importance for global automakers. 

The article highlights that big luxury sedans continue to serve as rolling showcases of automakers’ prowess, showcasing their talents in comfort, design, performance, and cutting-edge technology. Despite a changing market dynamic, these flagships continue to captivate discerning consumers globally. 


Electrification: A New Chapter in Luxury 

A notable shift in the luxury car landscape is the increasing presence of electric vehicles. The year 2023 witnessed a groundbreaking move from two automotive giants – BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both companies, long synonymous with traditional gas-powered flagships, now offer electric analogs to their iconic models, such as the BMW i7 and the Mercedes-Benz EQS, challenging the status quo of the 7 Series and S-Class]. 

This shift towards electrification is not only a response to the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives but also a testament to the evolving preferences of luxury car enthusiasts. The article suggests that, for the first time, electric analogs are vying for attention alongside their traditional gas-powered counterparts. 

The New Players: Genesis G90 and the Sleek BMW 7 Series 

In the pursuit of excellence, luxury automakers continue to raise the bar with the introduction of new models. The blog post from Forbes introduces the sleek new Genesis G90, a vehicle that has undergone a remarkable transformation from a staid appearance to a svelte, contemporary aesthetic. This transformation positions the G90 as a strong contender in the luxury sedan segment, offering a fresh perspective and heightened performance. 

The 2023 BMW 7 Series, another highlight of the year, is presented as a testament to the industry’s commitment to electrification by 2030. Despite the impending shift to electric powertrains, automakers have not ceased to enhance their offerings. The new BMW 7 Series stands out as a beacon of luxury, featuring cutting-edge technology and a design that blends sophistication with innovation. 


Unveiling the Best Luxury Cars of 2023 

The Forbes Wheels team, known for its expertise and comprehensive evaluations, has compiled a list of the best luxury cars for 2023. The evaluation criteria encompass a range of factors, including the quality of materials, level of workmanship, brand cachet, legacy, available tech, performance, and luxury features. 


Let’s take a closer look at the top five standout models featured in Forbes’ best luxury cars of 2023: 

2023 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 

Price Starting From: $114,500 

Forbes Wheels Rating: 87/100 

Key Features: The 2023 Mercedes-Benz S-Class epitomizes luxury with unparalleled comfort, featuring cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality navigation, Energizing Comfort Control, and Digital Light headlamps. Its advanced driver assistance systems, high-performance engine options, and meticulous craftsmanship in materials and finishes further solidify its position as a benchmark in the luxury sedan segment.

2023 Bentley Flying Spur 

Price Starting From: $211,325 

Forbes Wheels Rating: 86/100 

Key Features: The 2023 Bentley Flying Spur excels in technology with the City Specification’s 360-degree camera and hands-free boot opening, complemented by the optional Touring Specification’s advanced features. Engine options for the Flying Spur S cater to diverse preferences, offering a robust 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine and an efficient 2.9-liter hybrid with a powerful electric motor. 

2023 BMW 7 Series 

Price Starting From: $93,300 

Forbes Wheels Rating: 86/100 

Key Features: The 2023 BMW 7 Series combines traditional sophistication with cutting-edge technology, featuring sleek stainless steel accents, wood and glass trim elements, and advanced in-car innovations such as the iDrive infotainment system and driver assistance features. With powerful engine options and a dynamic driving experience, the BMW 7 Series offers a blend of luxury and performance.

2023 Genesis G90 

Price Starting From: $88,400 

Forbes Wheels Rating: 84/100 

Key Features: The 2023 Genesis G90 boasts a refreshed exterior design, featuring distinctive elements such as the Crest Grille and Two-line LED Lamps, while its interior showcases premium materials, 18-way power-adjustable driver seating, and an expansive infotainment display. Technologically, it introduces advanced driver-assistance features, including automatic collision notification and a front camera that automatically adjusts the suspension to reduce wheel impact, elevating both the driving experience and overall luxury ambiance. 

2023 Volvo S90 

Price Starting From: $57,000 

Forbes Wheels Rating: 83/100 

Key Features: The 2023 Volvo S90 impresses with its distinctive long-wheelbase variant, providing unparalleled rear-seat comfort through expanded legroom. Infused with Scandinavian design principles, the S90 features opulent Nappa leather upholstery, a crystal gear shifter, and an intuitive infotainment system. Advanced safety technologies, such as Pilot Assist and City Safety, further solidify the S90 as a premium sedan that prioritizes both luxury and safety. 

Forbes Wheels Rating Methodology 

Forbes Wheels employs a comprehensive rating methodology, evaluating luxury cars based on seven key categories:   

  1. Performance (15 points): Assessing handling, braking, acceleration, ride quality, and qualitative performance measures.
  2. Fuel Economy (15 points): Evaluating combined mpg estimates and how they compare against the competitive set.
  3. Safety (15 points): Based on crash test results and points for advanced safety features.
  4. Infotainment (15 points): Considering features offered as standard equipment on the base trim.
  5. Comfort & Room (15 points): Reflecting the reviewer’s assessment of comfort, ergonomics, and effective use of space.
  6. Cargo Space & Storage (15 points): Evaluating cargo spaces, storage solutions, and flexibility in loading features.
  7. Styling (10 points): Providing a subjective assessment of a vehicle’s overall styling and design.

The Overall score, out of 100 points, encapsulates the collective performance across these categories, serving as a comprehensive guide for potential buyers. 

A Glimpse into the Future of Luxury 

As we explore the best luxury cars of 2023, it’s evident that the automotive landscape is in the midst of a transformative era. The integration of electric powertrains, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge technology underscores the commitment of automakers to redefine the boundaries of luxury and performance. Whether you are drawn to the timeless elegance of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the innovative design of a BMW 7 Series, the choices are abundant and cater to diverse preferences. 

As a fitting conclusion, we can’t help but acknowledge the invaluable insights provided by Forbes Wheels. Their meticulous evaluations and in-depth reviews serve as an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and buyers alike. To explore more about the best luxury cars of 2023 and gain further insights, you can visit Forbes Wheels’ dedicated page on luxury cars.  

In the ever-evolving world of luxury cars, 2024 promises to be a year where innovation and elegance seamlessly converge, offering a glimpse into the future of automotive excellence. 


Source: Forbes Wheels


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