Find What Drives You – Interview with Amanda DeMartini

In our new blog series, “Women in Motorsports,” we have the pleasure of introducing Amanda DeMartini, a passionate car enthusiast and owner of a thriving car detailing business, Autography Luxury Detailing. Originally from Florida, Amanda’s journey through the world of cars is fascinating. In our exclusive interview with Amanda, she shares her experiences, challenges, and the inspiration that drives her in a male-dominated industry. 


A Love for Cars from Childhood 

Amanda’s family has played a significant role in nurturing her automotive passion. She reminisces, “My father’s adventurous spirit took me off-roading in a 1970 Barracuda, sparking my love for adrenaline.” Her grandfather’s military background led him to delve into mechanics after his service, imparting valuable knowledge about vehicles. 

She adds, “My uncle, a car collector and Hot Wheels enthusiast, fueled my love for cars even more. His collection and my penchant for automotive books only intensified my passion.” Growing up as a self-proclaimed tomboy, she cherished collecting cars, Hot Wheels, and car-related books, creating a strong bond with the automotive world. 

Moreover, Amanda’s love for cars led her to embark on unforgettable adventures, like conquering the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee. She plans to revisit this treacherous road soon, this time with her car perfectly tuned to her liking. 

On a lighter note, Amanda shares a humorous anecdote about attempting to drift her car at a car show, nearly resulting in disaster. With a touch of humor, she quips, “I still have the shred in my car, and I’m making a shadow box of it.” This lighthearted incident reflects her deep connection with her vehicles, even in the funny moments, which become cherished memories in her automotive journey. 

From Modeling to Detailing 

Amanda’s journey into the automotive world began through her modeling career, primarily at car shows. Here, she immersed herself in the realm of automobiles and showcased her unrelenting curiosity. She has a keen interest in understanding the intricate details of various vehicles, as she passionately stated, “I’m always asking questions, soaking up information about these automobiles.” 

Driven by her deep-seated passion, Amanda made a transition from the modeling industry to the world of car detailing. Encouraged by a friend already in the detailing business, she embarked on a journey that involved attending detailing conventions and securing certifications in paint correction and ceramic coating. 

Fast forward six years, and Amanda’s story stands as a remarkable blend of passion and unwavering dedication. Her career in car detailing has evolved from a profound passion to a thriving and fulfilling profession. She often emphasizes, “My heart is an engine, and my blood is the motor oil,” showcasing the intensity of her commitment. Her unique and personal approach to each car she works on sets her apart as a standout figure in the industry.  

Amanda originally established her car detailing shop in Clearwater, Florida, with a McLaren 650 as her first project. However, her life took a turn when she moved to Chicago. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Amanda’s journey in the Windy City has been marked by meeting amazing people and continuing her love for cars and detailing. 

Overcoming Challenges as a Female in the Industry 

Being a female in a male-dominated industry has not been without its challenges for Amanda. In Amanda’s words, “Being a female in a male-dominant industry has been extremely hard for me. I built my business from the ground up all the way up until now alone.” She further adds, “Those negative impacts were coming from people that have had their businesses for a very long time. But over time they started warming up to me.” She shares her experience of earning the respect of others in the industry by demonstrating her knowledge and skills. 

Amanda also recognizes the positive aspects of the car community, stating, “The car scene, as a real enthusiast, is about sharing and coming together. We are all here for the same exact passion.” Amanda further emphasizes the unity and camaraderie within the car community, expressing, “The car community is like a family. There’s so much support and shared passion that it outweighs any challenges. It’s a space where everyone can appreciate the beauty of these vehicles together.” 

Amanda highlights her mentor and friend, Jennifer Turcott, owner of Carsmotology, as a significant source of inspiration. Jennifer’s ambition, goal-driven nature, and passion for the automotive industry motivated Amanda to pursue her own dreams. Jennifer’s mentorship and support have been invaluable in Amanda’s journey. 

Advice for Aspiring Women in the Automotive World 

Amanda encourages young women and girls interested in the automotive world to find their driving passion. She stresses the importance of researching various avenues within the industry, choosing the one that resonates with them, and seeking the right sources for training. 

“It’s really important to find what drives you. This industry is abundant. Do your research on what you want to do, look at everything to see what fits your personality, what fits your criteria, and then go on from there.” 

She further emphasizes, “Don’t look at it for how much money you can make. Yes, it is a high-paying career. But at the end of the day, you want to be happy with what you’re doing in your life. You want to be doing something that you’re passionate about. My best advice is, whatever you choose to pursue, whether it be window tinting, PPF, ceramic coating, paint correction, to go to the right sources and learn from them, because that is important.”  

Amanda DeMartini’s journey in the automotive world is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and resilience. Her experiences as a female in a male-dominated industry and her unwavering commitment to her craft serve as an inspiration to aspiring women in the automotive field. We look forward to seeing her business thrive and her continued impact on the automotive world.  


Check out Amanda’s work:

Website: Autography Luxury Detailing   |   Instagram: Autography Luxury Detailing   |   TikTok: @AutographyDetail 


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