Car Enthusiasm: Blessing and a Curse – CheckedItOut Interview with Cliff Cadle

Car enthusiasm is a blessing and a curse, more often than not it’s the latter bits that bond us. We find camaraderie in breakdown tales and late-night wrench parties. Experiences like this inspired Chicago’s Porsche street fest,, which in turn inspired Bespoke Motor Union, a gearhead clubhouse masquerading as a high-end car storage facility.

To be clear, Bespoke Motor Union is a motor condo complex, offering fully customizable garage condos designed to inspire excellent hangouts. Construction kicks off soon in the North Chicago Suburbs after years of searching for the perfect spot.

“Checkeditout showed me the right location is key to creating community,” Bespoke’s Cliff Cadle says. “It took me two years to find the right spot.”

Cadle’s been a car enthusiast since he was six, when he “helped” his neighbor wrench on an unforgettable ’68 Charger. He’s a muscle car guy at heart. Which explains the Chevy LS V8-swapped Porsche 928 he brought to Checkeditout.

“I was hesitant to pop my hood. I thought there’d be a lot of purists,” Cadle recalls. “But when I did, I was welcomed.” The Checkeditout community is good like that, and the experience motivated Cadle to design Bespoke Motor Union in way that encourages co-mingling between brand fanatics who’d otherwise stick to their own. The centerpiece is a clubhouse with a coffee shop, a cigar lounge, outdoor seating with a fireplace, and more. Cadle’s building more than a motor condo complex, he’s building a car enthusiast haven. It’s all about building community. Ask him why and he’ll tell you, “the car community changed my life.”

“Even if they don’t know you, car people will go out of their way to help you,” Cadle says. “Seeing that brotherly love for each other is phenomenal.”

Ultimately, we’re all blessed—or cursed—with the same passion. All it takes is a little conversation to figure it out. Battle stories work best.

To learn more about Bespoke Motor Union head to The sixth annual Checkeditout ’24 goes down Saturday, Aug. 24. For more information click through to

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