Car Condos

Car Condo Features

  • Minimum 1,200 s.f. cardominium. Interested in more space? Combine units!
  • 24′ ceiling height
  • Fire protection systems
  • Temperature control
  • Heated floor on the main level
  • Floor drains and water spigot for hose connections
  • Water and sewer connections for work sinks and restrooms
  • Electricity to each unit
  • Insulated main door
  • Wide drive aisles
  • Personal mailboxes
  • Ample natural light 

Available Car Condo Options

  • Exterior balcony with a sliding glass door
  • Multiple second level options and configurations:
    • One story
    • Two full stories
    • One story with half-story loft

A Space Designed to Meet Your Needs

BeSpoke Motor Union car condos are fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to design a space that meets your needs. The opportunities are endless. Each unit is a blank slate, allowing you to design the space of your dreams. 

25 x 48

30 x 40

20 x 60

Ready to Secure Your Car Condo?​

You can secure your car condo today by making a fully refundable deposit.

Bring Your Vision to Life

At BeSpoke Motor Union, we believe that true luxury lies in the freedom to express yourself. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of customization, allowing you to transform your car condominium into a masterpiece that truly reflects your passion for automobiles. Let your imagination take the wheel, and embark on a journey of design exploration that knows no bounds.

Design Your Space With Ease

Make your condo a luxurious and comfortable space that complements the beauty of your vehicle. With Vertical Interior Design Studio‘s turnkey process, transforming your condo becomes as easy and satisfying as a drive on a back country road. Whether you want to entertain guests, meet clients, or watch a game, their team will design, build, and curate every detail according to your preferences. Love every square inch of your parking space as much as you love the open road.

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