Bespoke Motor Union Coming to Gilberts, Illinois in 2024

[GILBERTS, IL, January 5, 2024] Auto enthusiasts across the Chicago metropolitan area are excited to hear there’s a new luxury car condominium coming to the northwest suburbs – Gilberts to be exact. Bespoke Motor Union, set to be a private car condominium community, offers more than storage for classic, collector, and exotic automobiles.  

“Our goal is to provide a place where people can gather – at any time – to showcase their prized possessions, build community, and connect with friends,” said Cliff Cadle, Chief Visionary Officer of Bespoke Motor Union. “Car enthusiasts have bonded and established deep friendships for decades at events. Now, they have a place they can gather year-round. Bespoke is more than a storage facility for automobiles, boats or RVs, we offer a unique space for people to gather and connect with family, friends, and business associates.” 

Community is the driving force behind every aspect of the property’s design. At the center of the property is a clubhouse, which boasts a variety of features including private rooms for hosting dinners, family gatherings, and fundraisers for charities, a large firepit, an outdoor lounging area, and other state-of-the-art amenities to be announced. This clubhouse will serve as the epicenter for social gatherings, events, and a year-round celebration of the automotive passion that defines Bespoke Motor Union.  

“Bespoke will provide car enthusiasts with the same sense of fun, connection, and community as car shows, but now it will be available year-round,” added Cadle. 

Each bespoke unit is designed with care, featuring ample windows for natural light, equipped with heated floors and a furnace. These units encourage year-round use, and for the first time in the Chicagoland area, owners have the option to add a balcony to their luxury car condominium. Every unit is fully customizable, allowing owners to showcase not only their prized possessions but also their distinct personalities.  

Unit sales have commenced, generating significant interest from investors and sponsors eager to be part of this groundbreaking endeavor. Construction and a groundbreaking ceremony are scheduled to commence in 2024, subject to weather conditions. 

To secure a unit or explore investment opportunities, interested parties are invited to contact 


About Bespoke Motor Union 

Bespoke Motor Union transcends the conventional notion of luxury car condominiums, offering more than a mere blank canvas for enthusiasts. It stands as a vibrant haven, fostering connections among car lovers eager to share in the joy of automotive passions. The very essence of community drives every meticulously crafted design element, culminating in a masterpiece that centers around the Clubhouse, an extended gathering place where bonds are forged, and memories are created. 

Bespoke Motor Union not only provides a secure haven for treasured vehicles but equally prioritizes community, solidifying its place as a sanctuary where both cars and connections thrive. 


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