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We all have ‘that’ story – the one that first got us hooked on cars. It’s our go-story when someone asks how it all got started. Maybe it was a muscle car we saw as a child. Maybe it happened when you bought and fixed up your first vehicle. Maybe it was seeing an exotic car that created a bucket list item for you. Maybe it happened because you went to car shows with your father and saw the friendships and community at those events. For many of us, cars have always been a source of connection and belonging. 

Beyond fully-customizable luxury car condominiums, BeSpoke Motor Union offers a welcoming, fun atmosphere for car enthusiasts who want to show off their classic, collector, exotic vehicles or motorcycles. Your best friend is here.

You’ve worked hard all your life. It’s time to enjoy the finer things – including a space that reflects your personality where you can connect with friends and family.

Bespoke Motor Union is Breaking Ground in Gilberts, Illinois.

Endless Design Possibilities

What will your BeSpoke Motor Union space reflect? 

With fully customizable garages, you can design and build the car condo of your dreams. Perhaps it will reflect your favorite vacation destination, your hometown ,or your alma mater. If you need inspiration, our professional design team is ready to work with you.

Second-story options mean even more opportunities to create the space of your dreams.

Reserve your space today. 

"Cars have always been a source of connection and friendship. Developing BeSpoke Motor Union is a dream come true for me."
Meet Cliff Cadle, Developer, Bespoke Motor Union
Cliff Cadle
Chief Visionary

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